Our goal is to remove isolation - it should be simple for patient families to access great support resources.

How to Get Started on the Hope Portal

1. Go Hope Portal Start page:

2. Add your diagnosis and location and then select Start. 

This narrows the possible results so that you only see organizations that serve your diagnosis and your location (this includes for your state, and national organizations)

2. Next, if you'd like, select support categories based on what you're looking for. This filters the possible results even more.

3. Finally, browse the results by selecting each type of feed:

a. National + Local (all organizations that serve your location)
b. Local (only organizations that serve specifically your state)
c. Informational (info resources to learn more about a particular diagnosis)

Tips & FAQs


Badges Matter.
Look for organizations in the list with badges that show credibility, like the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2) badge. 

Visit the Facebook page of any organization you're considering applying for.
It's important to see if they're active.

If you can't find what you're looking for, email us!
We're here to help. contact@anddit.com


What is Anddit?
Anddit is a technology created to bring people together. The Hope Portal is powered by Anddit, which allows powerful search capabilities for families and the ability for organizations to claim and customize their profiles.

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