5 Steps to Get Access & Customize Your Organization's Page


1. Go to the Main Hope Portal Search Page, located here:

Enter Your Organization's Name in the Search Bar and Select your Organization's Name to navigate to your page.

*If you do not see your organization, try a few other key words in your name. Either way, contact us so we can make sure others can find you: contact@anddit.com 

2. On your Organization's page, select Own this organization? to apply for page owner access.

3. Login via Facebook, enter your email (use the email address associated with your organization), and select "Start exploring".

We'll email you as soon as you're approved!

*you may receive automatic access if we've confirmed your email. 

Re-load your organization's page to check if you've received automatic access. If so, you'll see an Edit button now

4. After you're approved (either by email or automatically), login and navigate to your page again (see step #1).

As a page owner admin, you should now see an edit button! 

5. Select edit to customize how your page looks! 

Since this is how you will be discovered, customize your page however you'd like on your organization's edit dashboard.

On your organization's page, your edits will appear instantly (except for location...which we review and update daily).

On your listing in the Hope Portal, edits will appear within 24 hours (we refresh the list every 24 hours, which makes page load times faster for families)


And finally...Help every patient family by adding the Hope Portal to your own website!

**email us anytime for help with set up: contact@anddit.com

How to embed the Hope Portal on your organization's website:

  1. Select a page - on your own website - to add the Hope Portal. You can add it to an existing page, or create a new page (for example, you could create yourorganization.org/hopeportal)
  2. On the web page where you want to display the search tool, add this code before the closing "</body>" html tag:

<iframe src="https://d1mdgshk1lehk7.cloudfront.net/find-support/" style="width: 100%; min-height: 800px; margin-top: 14px;"></iframe>



  * reframe.js - Reframe.js: responsive iframes for embedded content

  * @version v2.1.13

  * @link https://github.com/dollarshaveclub/reframe.js#readme

  * @author Jeff Wainwright <jjwainwright2@gmail.com> (http://jeffry.in

  * @license MIT


!function(e,t){"object"==typeof exports&&"undefined"!=typeof module?module.exports=t():"function"==typeof define&&define.amd?define(t):e.reframe=t()}(this,function(){"use strict";return function(e,t){var i="string"==typeof e?document.querySelectorAll(e):e,n=t||"js-reframe";"length"in i||(i=[i]);for(var o=0;o<i.length;o+=1){var r=i[o];if(-1!==r.className.split(" ").indexOf(n))return;var f=r.offsetHeight/r.offsetWidth*100,d=document.createElement("div");d.className=n;var a=d.style;a.position="relative",a.width="100%",a.paddingTop=f+"%";var s=r.style;s.position="absolute",s.width="100%",s.height="100%",s.left="0",s.top="0",r.parentNode.insertBefore(d,r),r.parentNode.removeChild(r),d.appendChild(r)}}});


<script type="text/javascript">resize('iframe');</script>


*make sure to add a link this page from your homepage!

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